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Funny, funny stuff here:

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What Makes a Guru? What Doesn’t?

Yep, it’s time for another cross-post to my Sibdu Blog on commercial, corporate and investment real estate. And as usual with these cross-posts, if you strip out the specific CRE mentions, I believe you’ll get plenty out of it as someone who is in social media. Or who is in business in general.

I’ve hit on several of these topics in individual posts in the past, but it is definitely time to bring them to the forefront in one post.

So with all of that in mind, please read: What Makes a Guru? What Doesn’t? And for social media-specific comments, please use the Comments here. Thanks.

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My Ideal Job

One of them, at least, is here: WordPress.tv.

Besides, how can you go wrong with the job title of Reel Wrangler? Although it looks like it is already taken, it’s a cool spot nonetheless.

Would you be good at this kind of gig? Let me know in the Comments section.

By the way, another ideal job is the one I have here at Portalfuze and Sibdu. So no, I’m not looking. But this caught my eye after linking from a link to a link to a link kind of thing (you know the kind of path I’m talking about). So I thought I’d let your imagination run wild with it, like I did with mine.

Quick housekeeping note: Because of a family emergency kind of situation, there won’t be any blog posts here until next Thursday or Friday, at least. Apologies, and see you then.

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When NOT to Use Social Media

I’ve touched on this in the past. But I now have the quintessential blog post on when companies, organizations and the like should not even think about using social media.

Unfortunately, I didn’t write it.

But I have no problem pointing you to it, because not only do I think it is brilliantly written, I agree with 99% of it. Here it is, at the ever-excellent ReadWriteWeb.


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Memo to Sprint: What Twitter is Not

Okay, I’m assuming that everyone who has had some kind of visual contact with a television set for at least 5 minutes in the last month or so has seen the Sprint commercial where the slightly smarmy voice-over guy says:

233,000 people just twittered on Twitter. 26 percent of you viewing this have no idea what that means.

Haven’t seen it? I’d be a bit surprised if you said you haven’t, considering that Sprint’s ad/marketing budget seems to be the same size as the gross domestic product of, say, Portugal ($237.3 billion, thanks for asking). No matter, though — here’s the entire spot, with the Twitter part being about :33 in:

It’s actually a funny line, especially considering my wife didn’t know what Twitter even was until a few months ago, and I had been on Twitter for several months before that.

I have a problem with the Twitter segment in the spot, though. Not the actual line — but what the cute little birdies are saying. That’s what has my knickers in a bit of a twist.


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Fox News and Social Media

Now here’s a company that gets it just a little bit, when it comes to social media: Fox News and its Fox Nation social-media effort. If you’ve got some time (about a half hour), watch this video. It’s really informative.

Social Media Connection – Fox News Case Study – David Bullock and Jay Deragon from commlink on Vimeo.

Note: my apologies – WordPress wont let me embed this video. You’ll need to click on the first link above to watch it. Don’t worry, though; it’ll open in a new window.

If you didn’t watch it, I’ll list some of my take-aways. If you did, see if you agree with my takeaways:


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Latest Danger from Public Networks

I’ve written several times now about public social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and so on, in terms of how organizations like corporations, government and associations should utilize them. Essentially, my message has always been to use them as an adjunct and a compliment to your organization’s social media/ networking strategy, but to not depend on them as your sole means of communicating with whatever audience you have.

While the headline for this post sounds like the typical “scare ’em to death” promo that local television stations like to run during sweeps periods, it actually applies here. The “danger” results from not being able to directly communicate with your group in the way you want … or need.


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